Richard Murphy
CEO & Co-Founder
Richard spent 8 years in a Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager role within the construction industry before returning to education. He obtained a Masters in Project Management through Napier University, Edinburgh, Cert III & IV in Fitness from Personal Training Academy, Melbourne and returned to Dublin to complete a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition from Portobello Institute. During his education in Dublin he volunteered in St Patrick’s University Hospital for 10 months and advised on exercise & nutrition and how this can have a positive impact on a persons physical & mental health. Through the experience gained in education & the practical environment he believed that there is a necessity for a product that encapsulates an overall holistic approach to enhance a person mental & physical health. Richard spent 18 months researching the concept and achieved a lot of validation through winning Wexford’s Young Entrepreneur Award in 2015. The MyMoodandMe team has grown from concept stage to what it is now, however, the one common goal will remain to “educate, inspire & motivate people to achieve their goals”.
Nicole Paulie, M.S., LPC, C.Psychol. Ps.S.I.
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Nicole is a Chartered Psychologist who joined the MyMoodandMe team in February 2015 and designed our Inspire programme. Although Nicole has been based in Dublin for the last several years, she trained at the University of Kansas and Avila University in the United States in Counselling Psychology. She has worked in many different types of health settings and most recently provides individual therapy to adults through MyMoodandMe. Nicole specialises in taking a holistic approach to mental health; as she has found that adding interventions to her therapy practice, which target exercise and sleeping patterns have a dramatic effect in the treatment outcomes of both anxiety and depression. These interventions are also used in her group therapy courses, which are based on the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) clinical research developed by the University of Kansas. In addition to her recently co-authored book, “How to be Happy and Healthy: The Seven Natural Elements of Mental Health,” she has been featured in the Sunday Business Post, The Journal, The Sunday Independent, Shape Magazine and on RTE radio.
Caroline Seale, BA Hons, DipNT, mNTOI
Nutritional Therapist
Nutritional therapy, or clinical nutrition, is a natural, evidence-based approach to support health and help prevent illness. Caroline Seale is a fully qualified and experienced nutritionist (with 3 years of science based training) and a member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland. Caroline is convinced about the power of good food to make us feel great and is passionate about helping others explore what works for them. Caroline experienced her own health issues, so can draw directly from experience on how to change eating habits for the better, including curbing those sweet cravings and implementing good food practice with simple nutrition tips. Caroline also works for the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in Bray and co-ordinates their Nutrition and Health coaching course along with supervising student nutrition clinics
Sinead Warren
Resilience & Work/Life Balance
Sinead Warren is a professional psychotherapist & counsellor working both in private practise and a charitable organisation. Services provided are family therapy; group therapy; couples therapy; facilitation of workshops & individual therapy. Sinead is fully accredited with the I.A.C.P; holds a degree in Psychotherapy & Counselling, and qualifications in psychology. Sinead has additional training in couple’s therapy. Sinead’s personal experience of psychotherapy was so life changing she changed career! She became passionate about healing and left her 15 year management role to become a psychotherapist. Sinead’s professional interests include organisational psychology; conflict resolution; and deep psychotherapeutic process.
Fergus Maher
Effective Management & Communication
Fergus is a health expert, delivering seminars and workshops for corporate clients both at Mid, Senior & C-Suite level. He is a versatile and outgoing communicator with a strong sense of empathy, compassion and patience. Main interests include health promotion and personal wellness using the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with his particular focus being on Positivity, Resilience, Happiness & Work/Life Balance. He is also a proponent of the benefits of Mindfulness practice in our daily lives. His expertise is enhanced and supported by academic qualifications in Psychology (BSc Psych; MSc Health Psych; Cert & Dip CBT) and continuing professional development.
Damian McCourt
Mindfulness & Resilience
Damien is a long time meditator and mindfulness practitioner with extensive experience in workplace wellness programmes and in identifying and mitigating workplace stressors. Damien’s employee development programmes centre around self-awareness, self-care and effective communication combined with practical workplace practices.
Davina Ramkissoon
Stress Management
Health Psychology professional with extensive experience of working with people in varied roles and settings with a focus on supporting the development and delivery of behaviour change interventions for the improvement and maintenance of healthier lifestyles. Experienced in many sectors including Charitable, Public and Private Sectors. High level of adaptability and resilience with ability to deal with changing environments. Experienced working in both health prevention and promotion roles as well as crisis-led roles.


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